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COVID19 Update: BottleMark is running (with one person in the shop at a time).
At a time when home brewing is especially important, we're still here to support brewers everywhere.

Custom Designs

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Create Custom Label

Upload a digital image, position it, and instantly order a custom label.

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Order of this label at $0.65 each.
Minimum order: 4. Available in multiples of: 4.
x 60

The design tool image is about the size of a label. Please check that:

  • text is big enough to read and spelled correctly,
  • position and size of image are correct,
  • you have nothing important outside the safe zone,
  • your design goes to the edge of the bleed line,
  • quantity is enough, including extra for mishaps and souvenirs.

We may not be able to make changes to your order before it is printed and shipped, and we don't review your design before printing unless asked, so make sure you're happy with it.

For more about the what, when, and how of custom labels see production and shipping and about our labels.

As custom items, caps and labels are printed on-demand on a first-come, first-served basis. Time until shipping varies. Labels and caps may ship separately. See front page for a current time-to-ship estimate. If you have a deadline, please note the date in the "special instructions" on the order form.

Please note: BottleMark cannot guarantee exact reproduction of on-screen colors. Printed materials may vary slightly in position. For caps, the base caps may have small imperfections and some shipping damage is common. Label print accuracy is subject to variation; we only guarantee portions within the safe zone will appear within the cut.

By ordering, you agree that you have the right to reproduce this image and grant BottleMark the legal permission to print your design; you also agree to indemnify and hold harmless BottleMark LLC for any violation of copyright, trademark, or other law arising from printing this image. You retain copyright to your work, and we promise not to use your design for any other purpose without your express permission.

Instructions: Upload a new image or select an image already uploaded. Click an image in the left column to use. In the center frame, reposition the selected image on the top of the printable area by dragging with your mouse; you can use the "Image tools" buttons to center or to resize the image. To save for later, click "Save As..." to save a new design (image with size and position); "Save" to save to the current design; "Clear" to start with a blank cap. Saving is optional. The current design is highlighted in the right column; click to select a design to replace the current one.

Please note: labels may ship separately from caps and other merchandise.

See our label design resources page for tips and how-tos for creating great designs.

See the about our labels page for info on size, application, sanitization, finish, and more.

Problems? Just email help@bottlemark.com and we'll try to get it fixed ASAP.

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